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BellSouth followup

Why do repair workers always come early in the morning?

Okay, okay. If they'd been late, I'd have complained about that, too. But, for some reason, my body had decided over the last few days that it only wanted to sleep about five hours a night, and I was getting more than that this morning, and on a Saturday, too, when the repair guy comes at about seven hours into my sleeptime. Ah, well.

So I get up and tell him that whoever was here yesterday hooked the circuit back up to the wrong circuit (I wish I knew my telco terminology better here), and that it needs to go … wherever.

At this time, he tells me that, at some point, I need to raise the cable for my DirecTV I've got strung up. I assume so that he can get his truck under it. In my back yard. I agree so that he'll do his job quickly and correctly, but what business does he have telling me how my back yard should be?

So I hop on the computer and start surfing, so I can see when he switches it over. I'm doing this for a while and was getting curious about what was taking so long. Just as I'm thinking that, the connection goes down. By the time I wander into the other room, move the phone line from the old ISDN jack to the normal one, and come back, the circuit is back up. Amazing. It's nice to see that at least some BellSouth folks can do their job right. He must have spent all that time preparing for the switchover and then done the actual switch the last thing. It must have taken him twenty seconds. Maybe.

So, good job, BellSouth. That's one thing out of four you've done correctly over the last three days.

Oh, and he told me he had no idea what the deal was with that collection of wires hanging down over there. I don't think he was impressed with it, either.
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