Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

The Late BellSouth

A few moths back, BellSouth cancels my DSL supposedly because I'm late paying them. Of course, the due date isn't for another week or so. I called several times asking when they were going to turn it back on, going so far as to pay the bill early to ameliorate them. After calling back several times, each time being told that it'll just be a few hours, I call back again to be told that it won't be turned back on until after the weekend. I was furious that not only did they cancel my DSL for no reason, but they refused to fix their problem in anything approaching a timely manner. I told them several times during the few hours that I was on the phone trying to get this fixed that if I didn't get my DSL back up by Saturday that I was cancelling the service. Usually that's an idle threat, but this time I meant it.

So a few weeks later when I got everything sorted out, I ordered TimeWarner Cable Commercial Internet service, VoicePulse VoIP and cancelled my BellSouth DSL and POTS. I hope that I never have to deal with them again. In fact, when Teri tried to pay the final bill, they wouldn't let her give them money because she didn't know our PIN for the account. They'd already cancelled the ability to pay over the Internet. I had to call and give them my SSN to pay. Absurd. And the best part was when the operator tried to end the call with "Thanks for choosing BellSouth". I had to point out to her, for the like fifth time that call that I went out of my way to avoid choosing BellSouth. Because they suck. And they do.
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