Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

Estate business

My cousin decided to submit this half-written will of my father's to the courts. It turns out that NC law doesn't require that a will be signed, much less notarized, in order to be valid. The best part is that he barely gains anything from the will: $500 and some tools, which I would have been willing to give him anyway, and more, if he hadn't been such a jerk.

At some point, I had to take out a warrant for his arrest, as he was driving around in my dad's old car, without insurance, with an expired license plate, and wouldn't return it. Initially I was just going to let him have it, as I had no use for it. But since he submitted that pseudo-will that notion went out the window. The will left him some woodworking tools, too, because dad thought that it would help him in his business. He took those tools before any court appearance, though, and, as I found out later, pawned them.

After the court date, in which I agreed to most of the will's demands, as I most likely would have anyway, I agreed to sell him the car. Then he couldn't come up with the money. Then, of course, that warrant got served. I was mortified that he got arrested for something he shouldn't have. I'd tried to get the warrant revoked, but apparently that's not possible. After he was arrested, I contacted the DA, and swore that I intended to drop the charges in order to get him out of jail. A week later, I found out that he was still in jail for another charge altogether. And then I was told that he'd have to go back to jail later on for another child support thing. During all of this, his girlfriend (who would date this guy?) said she wanted to buy the car. Figuring that she was just buying it on his behalf, and I asked her that specifically, I went ahead with it.

Of course, I had to get the car out of lockup first. That was the first time I saw it. It's a piece of crap. Ten year old American sedan. The steering wheel wobbles around on the dash, not only up and down, but left-to-right, too. I turned on the A/C and cigarette ash came spewing out. The check engine light remained on all the time. Over 50 MPH, it shuddered, and not just like it needed a brake job. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for it. But when I got to the DMV to sell it to his girlfriend, she knew about all of that and was still happy to pay $1500 for it, the amount we had agreed on in court. After the title was transferred, she told me that he wasn't happy about her buying it, in contradiction to what she told me before. I hope I don't get in trouble for that.

Then I also had to deal with a church that the pseudo-will left the bulk of the estate to. They were awfully mercenary about it. Kinda confirms my opinion of churches in general. I ended up giving them a big chunk of the estate. Hopefully it won't be worth less than I promised.
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