Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

Incompetent management

At work, we recently got an online timesheet system (as part of a much larger management system, but that's the only part I deal with). It started out that we just had to record the number of hours that we worked each day, but it was promised that, sometime in the future, we'd be required to enter the number of hours each day we spent on each individual project.

Well, that future arrived two weeks ago. It was sent out from upper management to everyone that we'd start having to fill out a field that was previously just left blank and that our local management would tell us what to put in there. Quite a while goes by and we don't hear anything about it from the local management. Last Monday I come in and try to enter my hours for the prior week and am unable to do so because I have nothing to put in that now required field. So I ask one of my managers about it, telling him that if I don't get my timesheet to my contracting agency by that afternoon, I won't get paid. He says he'll get back to me. The day passes and I don't hear anything. I'm pissed, but not in a hurry because I can't get paid for that time until the following week at that point anyway.

Finally, Tuesday afternoon, he sends out an email that we're going to have a meeting on Friday about it. I knew what was to come.

Friday morning rolls around and I make sure to get to work early enough to attend the meeting. First off, he starts it half an hour earlier than he'd scheduled, so I show up quite late. The meeting continues and lasts for at least forty-five minutes, probably longer. In this meeting, it was established that we had to enter the code “ITTSVSUPPORT” in that field and that's it. No itemization of hours or any distinction amongst us as to what code to use. Just a single code for everyone in the department.

Apparently, that couldn't have been determined in an hour and sent out via email. That would have been much too efficient.

Fuck it. I don't care about this damn job, anyway. I would like to get paid, though.
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