Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

I got a new car!

Okay, so it's been a few weeks, but I got a new car — a Volvo S60R. It's pretty nifty, but it's the first year they made this particular model, and while it shares a lot with the other S60s, it's got a lot of new stuff, too.

One is the manual transmission. It's a new Volvo-designed 6-speed. But it's got a problem with the shifter buzzing. Mine does it in 5th gear. Folks on the Swedespeed forums claim that there's a Volvo notification about it with a resolution. I took it into the shop on Thursday to get it fixed.

Another is the gas tank. Apparently, it's split in two and there's a pump to get gas from one side to the other. I think the pump isn't working or something, as the gas gauge shows the level dropping dramatically at about half-full and I've only ever been able to put about half a tank's worth of gas in it. I took it in on Thursday to get that fixed, too.

The headlights are new bi-xenons. I've never had Xenons before. So far, I don't like them. It takes a few seconds for them to heat up, so it's nearly impossible to flash your lights at someone during the day. And bi-xenon means that the same bulb is used for low- and high-beams; the bulbs are moved within the housing to reaim them. This means that flashing lights at night is nearly impossible, as it takes a short but significant amount of time for the bulbs to move. But the real problem is that the low-beams are aimed so low that I can barely see a fraction of a second in front of me at highway speeds, even slow highway speeds. So I took it in on Thursday to get the headlights reaimed.

I also took it in to get the daytime running lights disabled.

None of these problems were fixed. The buzzing shifter buzzes less, but still buzzes. They claimed they couldn't find the problem with the gas tank. In their defense, I brought it in full, so I can see how they might not find it. I don't think they did squat to the headlights. Maybe they had the computer relevel them, but that didn't help. I'm sure they did that at the factory. And they claim that they can't disable the DRLs because of federal law. I can find the law that allows them (regulation, really — 49CFR571.108 — or the PDF version — §5.5.11), but none that requires them.

In addition, I got it back, and now the clutch pedal is slow to release. That is, when I remove my foot from the clutch pedal, it doesn't immediately spring up. It takes a little while for it to slowly (relatively) come back up to the top of its range of motion. When shifting normally, it feels weird, as there's not enough pressure against the bottom of my foot. When shifting quickly, my foot comes completely off the pedal and it squishes back on it's own, engaging the new gear too late, or at least later than expected.

So I got the car “fixed” by having nothing fixed and getting a new problem. Thanks.
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