Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

Cubicles suck

Okay, really, as much as people like to point it out, cubicles don't suck. Then again, they do. As compared to everyone working in their own office in the '50s, cubicles suck. But as compared to the “Open Office” style of the '90s and 2000s, wherein there are no walls at all, just banks of desks (which is, I suppose, much like the secretarial pool of the '50s), cubicles rule.

That is, of course, unless you have to share your cubicle with someone else.

I don't mind Joe, really. He's quiet, and we occasionally have interesting conversations, usually about bad scifi movies. Or, rather, movies I think are bad, but he thinks are great. Whatever.

The problem is that there's a new guy at work, Al. He's been here a month or so. For some reason, he has his own cubicle while I'm relegated to share one with Joe. Whatever. That's not even the point. The problem is that Al likes to hang out and talk to Joe. In my cubicle. And he has the most inane conversations. Notice that I didn't say “they have”, as mostly it's Al prattling on. Occasionally, he'll ask me some stupid question. Today, he noticed a DVD copy of Solaris (the operating system) on my desk and then went on and on about the plot of the movie starring George Clooney (speaking of bad scifi). Not that he'd seen it; he just saw that it was coming out on video soon. I was gonna point out the Russian movie made in the '60s, or the book, but quickly realized that the last thing I wanted to so was extend the “conversation”.

This is bad enough. But then he often steals my chair, even though there's another one in the cube for him to use. And today, he decided to come in here, I guess, to talk to Joe, but then had a conversation on his cell phone with someone else for, like, twenty minutes.

What the FUCK is up with that? It's driving me nuts. I had to go bother other people in their cubes today. I spent fifteen minutes in someone's cube who wasn't there, just to get away from it.
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