Bitt (wfaulk) wrote,

BellSouth the third (and, maybe, fourth)

My wife calls me while I'm out yesterday and says that the phone's fucked up again. She's got no dial tone. In addition, the DSL's down, too. I tell her to call the phone company, and, this time, they claim it's a problem on our end — that one of our devices isn't working properly. Hmmm. Okay.

So I come back home and disconnect stuff. Sure enough, it appears as if our cordless phone isn't hanging up properly. But the jack it's plugged into is cramped, and it might be the cable. So I proceed to test this theory further, but on my second test or so, there's a modem on the line when I pick up. Weird. Maybe the TiVo decided that now would be a good time to make its daily call. So I go over there, and it claims it's not doing anything. Just to be safe, I unplug it from the phone line. There's still a modem on the line. So then I unplug my computer from the phone line (I've got a modem for faxes and backup internet access). Still a modem. I disconnect everything except for one standard phone I've got. There's still a modem.

So now my line is crossed over with someone else's. Since I live in a duplex, I ask my wife to go next door to make sure it isn't crossed over with the neighbor's. Nope. He's got no computer and he has a dial tone. So it's gotta be the phone company's fault again.

So I call them back and complain about this new problem. They claim that they'll have someone come by to fix it on Monday. It's Saturday. Whatever. She and I go back out and just leave it behind.

Early Sunday morning, I hear the doorbell and a knock at the door. Since my weekend is almost over and I'm sleeping well, I just ignore it. I'm sure it's bound to be the phone repair guy (who apparently all work only from 4AM to 9AM), but I'd rather get some sleep. The DSL's working anyway.

Later, after we're both up, I notice a sign he's hung on the doorknob asking me to call him back. So I do and introduce myself as the customer whose phone he tried to fix this morning. So he asks me if it's working right now. I'm a little confused, as it's hard to tell if someone's line is crossed with mine in the absence of evidence. In my confused stuttering, he then asks me if I've got DSL. I tell him yeah. Then I think he figured out why I was confused, as he then tells me that my line was, in fact, crossed with someone else's and he fixed it. He just wanted to make sure that it was working right. Oh. So it's already done. I sure am glad I didn't get up. I still don't know why he asked me about the DSL, though. Maybe someone else complained and they were hearing the DSL noise. Who knows?

Anyway, it seems to be fixed now. At least until someone comes back out and “fixes” those dangling cables.

Of course, now I've got to retest to see if my phone is still working improperly, or if it was just a feature of the crossover problem.
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