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As you might have been able to tell from my postings a few months ago, I'd been looking to buy a car. I finally decided on the Volvo S60 R. It's a sweet ride, and the one I ordered should be here late next week or early the following week. Then I can get rid of my decrepit 1987 BMW 325, a car I've liked quite a bit the entire time I've had it, except for of late, when the repairs just started to overwhelm it and me.


Shortly after I ordered my new car, Teri's started going down the tubes. It's been in bad repair for a while now, but it's mostly been cosmetic-type stuff. The roof liner fell and I can't get it to stay up. The radio's power button came off and I've got it permanently jammed in now. The cassette player didn't work for at least a year before that. The driver's side window switch broke off, and you have to use a coin to operate it. The door gaskets have shrunk and torn, hanging from the opening. This means that the car gets somewhere between damp and wet every time it rains. There's a few other things, too.

For quite a while, it's had a very annoying squeak in the suspension. But it didn't really seem to affect the car, and the mechanic seemed to agree. Recently, it's developed a loud, disconcerting thunk. Sometimes it happens when you hit a bump, but sometimes it'll happen for no apparent reason at all. The mechanic tells us that it's a problem with the ball joints and that it'll cost over $1000 to fix.

Then, just recently, it developed a problem with the starter. Sometimes it just won't engage the engine and spins freely. It often takes over a dozen times for it to catch and start the car. I don't think that this is a difficult repair, but it'll surely add another couple hundred dollars to an already huge bill.

The car is a 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer. It's a real hunk of junk. It wouldn't be worth $1500 if it were in perfect shape. I really don't want to sink that much money into it. Which leaves me with the option of buying another car. Just as I'm getting ready to fork over a whole lot for one I ordered. I'm feeling sorta guilty about that now. Teri claims that I shouldn't, but that doesn't help a lot.

So now I need to find another car. She doesn't really drive that much, and doesn't really enjoy driving, so I don't need to get her a driver's car like I got myself. I'm thinking something like a late '90s Subaru Legacy wagon or VW Passat wagon. I'd like to spend less than $10,000, and that seems doable.

But this all depends on whether or not I can get a sizable raise when my contract is up for renewal. That's at the beginning of September, six weeks away, so I should hopefully know real soon.

I'll keep you posted, as if all none of you out there who real this really want to know.
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