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Teri update

Once again, I find I have been very lax in updating my reports about my wife. This definitely signals a good thing, though.

Ever since she got off the lithium, her mood has improved and improved. She seems genuinely happy most of the time. She might actually be a little manic, but I can deal with that much better than with melancholia. (Occasionally, I have to tell her to calm down as she starts flailing about telling me a story of her day. Last night, she flung her hand into a dresser and managed to cut herself a little. On dull wood.)

I get this far and realize that I really don't have anything to say. This lack of news really is good news. Ignoring all the reasons to hate you, thank you very much, pharmaceutical industry for making these drugs available at all. They have unquestionably improved Teri's life and mine, too.
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